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Wrath of Insudia Spotlight Article

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Wrath of Insudia Spotlight Article

Post by Zergrak on Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:41 am

This Spotlight article will give you some links to helpful articles within our website.

Meet the Islak:

The Islak, they have a temper on them, they are mysterious half woman, half- serpent creatures, they have great technology, if the gods get hold of this power they'll be able to take the galaxy, These serpents do not want there homeland destroyed they'll have to use there own power to finally stop the Gods, Will this destroy the gods or simply make them more angry? Will they finally go extinct? They are led by Medusa a God.

Meet the Humans:

There wasn't an actual ancient Greek Bible to explain creation. You might hear of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey described as "the Bible" of the Greeks, but Homer wasn't considered divinely inspired (well... it was assumed that the Muse helped all writers write) or inerrant. Besides, for the Greek creation stories, one usually doesn't go to Homer, but turns to the other early Greek writer of epic poetry, Hesiod.

Progressively Harsher Ages of ManThere are conflicting stories about the beginnings of human life in Greek mythology. The stories tell of different ages of man, each age getting further and further away from an ideal state (like paradise) and closer and closer to the toil and trouble of the world we live in. Mankind was created and destroyed repeatedly in mythological time, perhaps in an effort to get things right -- at least for creator gods who weren't too happy with almost godlike, almost immortal humans, who had no reason to worship the gods.

Not a Single Origin Story for All Man- and Woman-kindSome groups had their own, local origin stories about creation that pertained just to the people of that location. The women of Athens, for instance, were the descendants of Pandora.

Meet the Gods:

Throughout history, humans have ascribed various powers to supernatural beings. Such creatures include the immortal gods and goddesses. Some are given credit for the creation of the world and mankind, or food, warfare, love, and all the other good and bad elements of life. The gods and goddesses may be worshiped with altars, elaborate or gigantic statues, or sacrifices. Poets and other writers may tell stories featuring the traditional myths about the deities' involvement in human life. If you read the entries on these gods and goddesses, you'll see great differences from one society to the next. The most familiar will probably be the ones from Greek mythology, and of those, especially the dozen or so Olympian gods.

Gods, according to human studies the gods also known as the Olympians these gods were most powerful, creating worlds creatures. According to God law if you have a child - or have sex you are not allowed to have the child so you give it to the mother or you kill the baby. After at your father must depart and head back to the God High council. This is one important place, this is where the gods see everything that is happening in every planet. These gods are very powerful, they weld different elements. Thor is a god of thunder welding a hammer. Only he can weld it, if he looses it and you wen't to pick it up it will be impossible to even pick it up. According to law the strongest man saw the weapon of mass destruction and tried to pick it up this man failed and he got strip of his title from the Strongest man - To a normal citizen.
The gods live in the sky, they sit on clouds according to science clouds are suppose to just be water Molecules, unfortunately the gods massed the clouds power.

Meet the Spicslak:

he Spicslak are indigenous creatures that inhabit Insudia but since of the war with the gods made them bloodthirsty and unable to trust the Islak or the gods so they now inhabit the swamps of Insudia but no one knows the origin of this strange and ever so bloodthirsty race. But they attack anything they see so they are not nice at all so they cocoon anyone who stumbles into their swamps and make a wrong move at the wrong time one false move and your a goner and the babies are sucking the life out of you and your units killing them, but there have been no sightings of Spicslak on other worlds but Earth.

These creatures come in all sorts of sizes and shapes depending on what type of person/god that the children devour, these creatures also dominate lands research facilities, and other kind of building. The Spicslak also make webs for their traps and resting area for their children. Coming into contact with the queen is a bad move for all your armies this giant spider can shoot a volley of webs at it's enemy.

Humans call these things spiders, arachnids, they nicknamed them. These eight legs beasts are the size of a human, but it's also depending on what type of person/god that the children devour.

The Spicslak or what humans call them (Spiders) have eight legs and eight eyes. Or what the Gods call them (Araneae).
Spicslak also inject venom that disintegrates their enemies.

The gods call the people who fear them arachnophobia's, Spicslak are more scarier then normal Garden spiders found here at earth, these Spicslak are about 10 ft tall. (About the size of a horse) - The Spicslak are too big to infest a humans house, so they go after the humans research facilities, after shooting poisonous webs at doors which melts them, gaining access to any room in the facilities, the poison cannot get through force-fields so that is your defensive option.

These creatures are also unable to dominate worlds, they must live in a world already dominated by another race/creature.
The Spicslak was the Islak pets until the war turned them into bloodthirsty creatures, now they are trying to be the Dominators, just like the gods, oh did you think the Spicslak was on the gods side? You can think again. The Spicslak are also trying to take the Gods throne.

If the gods throne becomes the Spicslak's throne they will create the MotherHud. Where all Spicslak mothers come together into a moot, electing the chief spider. This sometimes turns into a brutal attack upon one another.
Sometimes leads to death. Millions of Spicslak kill each other over this duty.

Beneath the throne lies the Spicslak babies these creatures await food/subjects for them to feed on to grow into a normal 3 ft spider, as they progress eating more and more humans/titans they begin to grow and grow into the Mother and then the whole cycle restarts.

Until there are millions and millions of these beasts, and being controlled by the High council of Spicslak.
If someone enters this camper all the Spicslak begin to attack and shooting volley's and volley's of poisonous webs which burns the subject into the ground and they fall into the children's lair, which is guarded by a Spicslak Guardian, these creatures are about 3.47 ft tall. Just a little bit taller then the Spicslak Spiders.

But there is a rare bread of spicslak the spislak council leader these are the most important of all things of the spicslack armies. These creatures latch onto it's host and create a new Council leader, which then becomes the leaders son/daughter.
This is a really brutal way on how to procreate, but that's how they do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Islak be playable?
A: No, the Islak are your enemies.

Q: Are the Gods on our side?
A: Yes, the Gods are on your side, they'll help you for capturing Insudia.

Q: Are the Spicslak Playable?
A: Yes, the developers also wanted you to see the story of the Spicslak.

Q: Are the Humans Playable?
A: You don't see or interact with the Humans, but you can look at the humans story on a page on the website: The gods took over Earth a long time ago, and replaced the spices with Humans.

Our Team.

Administrator/assisting team. (Keeps things in check).

Support Moderator (Website Specialist).

CSS Team (User ID's, Sign up manager).

Game Master (Website Game Master/Ticket support team KB support team and Game Master on Forum).

Sir Chivas
Graphic Designer

Our Team are here to assist you, if you need assistance please post here and create a thread, but be sure to read our code of conduct!

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Re: Wrath of Insudia Spotlight Article

Post by Zergrak on Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:49 am


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